TopicWhy Dental Marketing Is Important to Your Business

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 11:26am

    Optimise Your Title tag

    In the world of on page SEO the title tag is one Az Formula Review of the most important parts to optimise and lays down the foundation of the web page theme. Optimising your title tag will help you focus your page on your target market.

    After you have completed your research you will have a set of phrases that you wish to target. Pick the phrase or phrases. If your clever with your choices you could target two or three phrases at once an example: pink widget supplies, it would help you rank for the main phrase and "Pink Widget" and "Widget Supplies ".

    Have Great Content that Gives Something to your Customer

    Having great content is a must, firstly it tells the search engines what your website is all about and secondly, well crafted persuasive copy will get people to buy from you or make contact. The formula is simple work out what people are looking for (your keyword research) and give it to them. People will land on your site because the want something. It could be information, a product or a service In very young sites I would recommend no less then 300 words in each page. This gives the search engines a good chance of understanding your content.


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