TopicGene Therapy Set to Make a Deaf Ear Singing

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:34am

    For those of you who are interested Tonaki Tinnitus Protoco in finding V relief of tinnitus through homeopathic means, the following homeopathic treatment for tinnitus has been known to be effective in many individuals.

    *Salicylic acid-for a roaring noise in the ears, accompanied by dizziness, digestive problems and a lot of bowel gas.

    *Kali iodatum-for hearing tinnitus ringing for a long time, accompanied by irritability and a congested head. Relief of tinnitus by taking Kali iodatum is also for individuals who feel better in the open air.

    *Chininum salicylicum-relief of tinnitus in individuals with a subnormal body temperature and tiredness.

    *Chininum sulfuricum-if you are hearing tinnitus noises such as violent ringing and buzzing and you are looking for relief of tinnitus accompanied by itchy skin and pain in the neck and head.

    *Carboneum sulfuratum-for relief of tinnitus accompanied by impaired hearing, and hearing tinnitus noises such as buzzing, singing and those of a harp.

    Homeopathic treatment for tinnitus, as with any homeopathic treatment, should be prescribed by a homeopathic physician and discontinued if improvement is not made after three days.


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