TopicHow to Succeed at eHarmony  

  • Fri 21st Sep 2018 - 8:21am

    He's bothered coming up to you, he enjoys talking to you, finds Leo Man Secrets Review you interesting, witty and smart, but you're not jumping in his lap. Hmmm, he'll have to work to get you more interested in him. Dance with him, have fun, but always remain just out of arm's reach. Never let him think that he can just cozy up to you; you don't know him that well yet.

    Do you have trouble keeping some control on a relationship? Are you in the habit of just bowing down to the guy you're dating and he gets to make all the decisions? Is this out of fear, insecurity or indecisiveness? Whatever the reason, you have to know that it is important for you to have some control in the relationship if you're to be happy in it. Try these tips for keeping or regaining control.


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