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  • Wed 18th Jul 2018 - 2:30pm

    Cloud backup, in simpler language also known as online backup, is a way to backup data by storing a copy of the data over Internet to secured cloud servers. Unlike the traditional ways to store data on local hard drive media the data is stored on cloud servers that are accessible through Internet. Cloud backup technology also help us retrieval of stored data on the go using a variety of devices all connected to the cloud servers.

    With Cloud backup, end users can upload documents, photos and videos to the cloud and then fetch them at their ease. This helps them save storage space on   Server Cloud Backup Solution their computers and mobile devices. Furthermore, the cloud based structure allows end users to upgrade software more quickly – because software publishing companies choose to offer their products via the web rather using traditional, tangible methods that involve discs or flash drives. Top software publishing companies have chosen to turn their business models to subscription based and they deliver their product offerings through cloud solutions.

    All data is critical for businesses. It’s a treasure trove of information. Problem is, they are drowning in it. Datalign provides a lifeline. We provide Cloud Backup For Small Business companies with a unique approach to backup, analyze and organize their data with the use of artificial intelligence Capabilities. Not all data file types should be treated in similar manner. Data may be accessed or stored depending on the requirement of the users; some users may want the data at their fingertips whereas others may want to store it for archival and compliance purpose.

    To rectify this problem with one solution, we have introduced the world’s first Tribrid Backup.  Without sacrificing any data, it enables businesses to protect all produced data and save storage costs.  Our innovative platform has been designed while keeping you in mind. To provide Online Backup Pricing optimal user experience we focus on simplicity and this in turn ensures that you will be able to backup and access large data quickly and smoothly. Our Cloud services are available on demand and always up and running. We ensure 99.9% uptime for our cloud services. This ensures un-interrupted data transfers and practically no downtime.


  • Wed 18th Jul 2018 - 10:14pm

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