TopicHow McAfee Network Security Platform integrates your network protection

  • Thu 12th Jul 2018 - 12:25pm

    McAfee Network Security is a must-have security product for those who stays constantly online or surf the internet. The software is built with deep integration on McAfee's framework, which provides its users maximum availability, versatility, and manageability with least overhead and uncertainty. The program holds a proven account in network security protection by giving out numbers of components to fight against risks.

    Once you get McAfee activate for network security by visiting on, you are entitled to take the advantage of the described features.

    • A hyperactive blocking system of intrusions

    Thorough diagnosis of websites performed by the software helps to block fresh or unauthorized sources with its signature-based and signature-less inventory. Signature-less interference exposure technology enables the IPS to identify suspicious network or traffic and hinders the attacks for which there are no existing signatures.

    • Combines cloud and physical safety measures

    With the alliance of other cybersecurity organizations, the product of McAfee activate unites security across the virtual and physical network. Provision for network virtualization in VMware NSX enables managers to coordinate security with virtual workloads in separate clouds as they are designed and moved.

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