TopicHow to Create Apple Id

  • Mon 9th Dec 2019 - 12:43pm

    When using any of Apple's computers, smartphones or tablets, an Apple ID is essential not only to configure the devices first, but also to get the best of them as you use them. When you pay a premium for using an ecosystem that "just works", not having an Apple ID paralyzes the experience.

    The whole process begins, as many do, in the Configuration application. If you are currently logged in with an Apple ID, touch it at the top of the screen and then tap "Sign out", right at the bottom.

    After logging out (or if you are not already logged in), tap "Log in to your iPhone" at the top of the screen.

    Touch the "I don't have an Apple ID or forgot" link and then touch the "Create Apple ID" option once the new window appears.

    Now you need to go through the process and give Apple the information you need to create the account. That includes entering your birth date and your full name. Once you've done that, tap the "Next" button to advance.

    At this point, you are presented with two options. You can create an account with a new free iCloud email address or assign an existing email address to the new Apple ID. If you do not want or need an additional email address, entering the existing one is perhaps the way to go here. And you can use the address you want: Gmail,, your own domain, etc.

    Next, you must create and verify a password. Be sure to create a secure and unique password here, as anyone who accesses your Apple ID will effectively have the keys to the kingdom. Could we be so bold as to suggest that you use a password manager here if you still don't?

    As a last level of security, Apple requires that you select or enter a phone number for identity verification purposes. You will receive an SMS or a call to that number during the Apple ID creation process.

    Next, the part everyone expects, accepting the Apple Terms and Conditions. If you disagree, you cannot create an Apple ID. You will also be asked to enter your device password, if you have one set.

    Next, you should verify your email address by entering a code that you will receive. Then, you must decide if you want to merge your iCloud data with data from Safari, Reminders, Contacts and Calendars. Select "Merge" or "Do not merge" according to your preference.

    And you are ready! You can now configure any address and payment information as necessary. You can also set up Family Sharing, in case it is something that is on your radar.

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