TopicOOvercoming Addiction To PCP

  • Sun 18th Aug 2019 - 9:41pm


    Due to the highly addictive nature of PCP it is pertinent that any user abusing PCP or any other hallucinogenic seek treatment immediately. Treatment will allow for the user to detox off of the drug and then give them the tools and resources to live a healthy drug free life. There are many programs available such as inpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, residential treatment programs, there are many options out there. The treatment will allow the user to get their life back and make healthy drug free choices.

    Preventing Relapse

    In order to prevent a relapse of drug use, it's important to continue with treatment. By seeking aftercare services such as drug counseling and programs such as Narcotics Anonymous, the former user is better equipped to deal with the daily struggles of being in recovery. By staying with a treatment program while being back in a home environment ensures the best the best outcome for recovery.


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