TopicThis is What You MUST Know If You Use Hand Exercises - Use Puberty Secrets to Gain 3-4"

  • Fri 12th Jul 2019 - 9:52am

    The jelq is the most effective and important of all natural penis enhancement exercises. It is the foundation 5G Male Review of penile exercising. It really does not matter what you want to achieve with jelqing - girth length strength or all of them - you can achieve it with jelqing. In this article I will explain exactly how it works why is it so effective and the right techniques to perform this exercise.The reason why jelqing is so effective is because it pushes the blood with all the nutrients throughout the penis by using a OK-grip. This action also builds pressure in the tissue blood vessels and smooth muscle within the penis. Over a period of time when this is done regularly correctly and consistently the pressure forces the penis to enlarge and to expand. The same way you apply stress and pressure to your muscles with weight lifting to make them grow you apply jelqing exercises to make the penis grow.

    When you get started with jelqing then it is essential to use some kind of lubrication such as baby oil olive oil vegetable oil. When you get more experienced and your manhood gets more conditioned then you can also try dry jelqing. But you should not use soaps lotions or water for lubrication because they make your penis itch and cause irritation.Your erection level is also very important meaning your penis can`t be too erect or too soft. When your penis is too erect then this can be potentially dangerous and cause nasty side-effects such as red spots on the penis and darkening of the penis. Then again if your erection is too weakthen this does not apply enough pressure to the tissues blood vessels and smooth muscle to force them to grow. The right erection level is around 40%-75%. At this state the penis is nearly full of blood but it can still be squeezed bended jelqed and moved.



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