TopicHow to Be a Superlative Success

  • Fri 14th Jun 2019 - 5:54am

    The developments come with attractions to mainly young people in form of entertainment, modernYantra Manifestationdressing styles, generally good life, jobs of all scales, better education, better health facilities, better market prices or market for items, places for adventure, and areas to best nurse dreams for success.Rapid urbanization and industrialization makes a strong case for rural urban areas. In Uganda, the present and former industrial parks have neighborhoods infested by congested settlements by people, who came from distant areas of the country; as far as Arua, Teso, Lango, Acholi, Karamoja, Toro, Ankole and so on. To some, several generations have risen up in and around urban settlements.

    In pursuit of good life and prosperity, internal immigrants are faced with stiff competition for development opportunities, which suffocates their ambitions; forced to resort to unethical and crude means of reaching life goals like bribery and corruption in recruitment institutions while frustrated youths move in robberies or killing to survival, or remain a time-bomb for future violence.Congestion adds lots of seemingly invisible yet calamitous events. Daily life frustrations generally yield aggressive attitudes to the hardy personalities, and that is furthered in day-to-day errands like driving and health decision-making for other road users. Ever occurring accidents are thus inevitable and threaten lives. But also encroachment on forestland and wetlands has led to destruction of the environment and, in turn, worsened the livelihood situation through global warming, water scarcity, and famine.

    For a country like Uganda, agriculture, which presently employs 70% of the population directly or indirectly has land (the most important factor of production) limited to areas distant from urban centers yet lacking technological awareness, leadership foresight and priorities, and integrity.Urbanization influences population patterns. It is constantly spreading in rural and semi-rural areas, leading to shifts in development statuses of those areas from being merely periodical auction centers to trading centers, from trading centers to towns, from towns to municipalities, and from municipalities to cities of various degrees of modernization.


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