TopicWhy "Pursue Your Passion" is the Dumbest Thing Someone Can Tell You

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 10:33am

    Nowadays, you can find a million and one books on how to pursue your passion, how to reach Yantra Manifestation Review  your goals and how to step into dreams and a million more urging you to relentlessly go after all you've dreamed of until you get it. NO MATTER WHAT.

    But I'm here today to tell you all that talk about "pursuing your passion" is rubbish! And more than that, it's the dumbest thing anyone can tell you to do! So ENOUGH with the encouragement! You won't get it from me! It's time for me to be real with you and lay it right on the line...

    Pursuing your passion is useless...

    ...if it doesn't take into account whether or not your skill set or abilities are suited for your passion. You may have loved your chemistry class, but do really know what it takes to be a chemist Or it's nice that you want to be a writer but you're having a hard time grasping all those simple grammatical structures. Or you want to be a singer but you just can't hold a note.

    ...if it doesn't take into account whether or not your passion will allow you to earn a sustainable living. How many times have we seen Dr. Phil or Oprah where the featured guest was the one who's been trying to reach their dreams since they were 12. Now they're married, with 5 kids of their own, their spouse is the only one working and well... they're still trying to make it happen. Bills are going unpaid, the debt's piling up and their marriage is in jeopardy. doesn't allow you any flexibility. You just can't see the forest from the trees. Your dream has disillusioned you - it can't and won't let you see anything else - and you've become oblivious to reality.


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