• Thu 23rd May 2019 - 7:02am

    Belean Keto The digestive is a cookie larger than Maria, which crumbles more and with a high fat content, although the truth is that many Maria cookies have the same or more fat than the digestive ones, as we can see in this comparative of Consumer, therefore the only advantage that the Maria could offer compared to the digestive ones is that being smaller, it can give us the sensation of eating more with less quantity.

    80gr of bread + tomato + a teaspoon of oil to equal the kcal of 4 cookies

    The digestive weigh around 16gr each (with small variations according to the brand), so in 4 digestive cookies there are around 250-265kcal (again, it varies according to the brand). To get an idea, if instead of cookies were whole grain bread we could eat around 100gr to equal the caloric value. Or 80gr of whole wheat bread with tomato and a teaspoon of oil . I do not know if you have an idea of ​​how many are 80gr of bread with tomato and oil, but I assure you that it bulks a lot more than 4 cookies. Of which he is also healthier I imagine that you do not doubt.

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