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  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 8:36am

    As a marketer he believes the Internet will eventually run the world break down all political and religious Smarketo Review barriers as more and more people communicate. It is the greatest source of information we have ever seen and with social media now emerging in both the wired and the wireless worlds this rend will continue for generations into the future.

    Social it in your arsenal of marketing weapons? If's certainly time to add it. Why? Not because it's the in thing to do but because it can allow you to reach your target audience faster and more effectively. Social networking via social media is the way people globally are communicating in the 21st century. You join a social networking website and you can start finding like-minded people in a particular area or niche.

    While the original concept was simply to develop personal social connections businesses...especially online businesses...quickly saw the opportunity to share business information. Putting out sound bites on sites like Twitter Facebook MySpace businesses have the opportunity to reach a large and diverse global audience at a very low cost.

    Just how large an audience are we talking about? Well did you know that in July 2010 there reported in a article of July 2 2010 approximately 401 million Facebook users and as reported in a article...190 million Twitter users. And...these sites (only 2 of a large group) continue to add users every day...which means an increasing opportunity to reach a larger audience every day.



  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 8:48am

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