TopicLive betting strategy for basketball "odd/Even"

  • Thu 11th Apr 2019 - 10:49pm

    Live betting strategy for basketball "odd/Even"

    This strategy should be used for betting on basketball games in the live betting mode (betting during the game). In fact, this is an ordinary catch-up, where the object of bets are live-bets even/odd on basketball. In the same way as in the strategy of the Dogon, after each losing bet you must increase the bet amount for the player has loss and profit. But this strategy has some differences. We can say this is a simplified version of the Dogon with a narrower framework.


    To apply the strategy of odd/even you need to have a Bank , say $ 1000 (5000, 10000 any at the discretion of the player). Odds on odd/even are usually in the range of 1.80-1.90. The player must choose odd or even. If odd is selected, it is always necessary to put on an odd result. Experienced players are advised to choose odd. It is necessary to put on the odd of a separate quarter.


    The best bookmakers for betting on basketball

    Eighty four


    One thousand twenty five

    10 000 

    Seventy five


    Seven hundred seventy

    30 000 

    Seventy five


    Five hundred thirty

    5 000 

    Let's see how this strategy works in practice. Bank – $ 1,000. The object for betting – odd in a quarter of a basketball game. The starting bet is $ 40. Let the coefficient be fixed for better understanding, for example, 1.80.


    So, choose a basketball game that just started, and put in Live $ 40 on an odd result in the first quarter by a factor of 1.80. If the first quarter ended with an odd result, the win will be 1.90 × 40 = 76, where $ 36 is the net profit. We leave this match and look for another basketball game that has just begun. That's clear.


    If our bet loses – odd in the first quarter, we put $ 70 on the odd in the second quarter by a factor of 1.90. If the bet plays, the win will be 70 × 1.90 = 133, where $ 63 is our net income. From this amount we take away $ 40, lost earlier, and make a profit of $ 23.


    If the second bet loses, you should bet $ 160 on the odd in the third quarter. If this bet will be a loss, you need to bet on the odd in the fourth quarter of 380 dollars. Imagine that the fourth bet wins: 380 × 1.90 = 722 dollars. Just we set 380 + 160 + 70 + 40 = $ 650. It turns out that the profit of $ 34, as 722 – 650 = 72. Losing all four bets is almost impossible.

  • Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 9:27pm


    Sports betting probably makes watching a match even more fun. Watch the match and wait for your team to win the same kind of drive and excitement. I'm not a fan of basketball. I like to watch hockey and football. In football now is the UEFA Champions League.

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 10:05am

    You wonderfully described this strategy. I liked the theme and probably not only me. After all, basketball is such a dynamic sport that is easily amenable to statistical analysis. But bookmaker  has much more powerful tools than a regular player, therefore, it quickly adjusts its line setting algorithms. This of course creates certain difficulties for players as it deprives them of their advantages. None of us is immune from a long series of defeats, so it is important to be able not only to assess the chances, but also to competently manage our gambling bank.

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 7:12pm

    An interesting topic is what is useful to read. I am a fan of basketball and I play it myself in the local team. I can also make bets because the uniqueness of basketball is that the coach can at any time take time out to change the game of his team to give an instruction about the winning combination. Neither in football nor in hockey, the coach has no opportunity to influence the game in the same way during the match. All this leads to the fact that the situation on the site can change at any moment, sometimes in the most drastic way. That is why basketball is called "swing".

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 8:00pm

    Ripli Tell me please the strategy you described is permissible for use in betting on football matches? 

     The Champions League is nearing its logical conclusion. Soon there will be a semi-final, and on June 1, the championship final. Like many people, I would like to make a bet so that I could win.

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