TopicThe Beauty of Everything

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 5:38am

    The picture that I am about to paint in this article will be best illustrated with the biography of one of the strongest Unlimited Abundance Review and greatest American president that ever lived. Abraham Lincoln, you will agree with me attained his leadership destiny not probably because of his early array of success both in politics and life but his sets of failures which he never permits to be final. To me this biography is rather inspirational in fact I often tagged it as biography of failure!

    He has less than one year of formal schooling and failed miserably in business in 1831. He was defeated for the legislative post in 1832. He failed again in business a year later. His fiancée died in 1835, He was defeated for speaker of the hours in 1838. He married into what historian call a living Mystery in 1842, only one of his four sons lived past the age of 18. He was defeated again for the congress in 1843. Elected into congress in 1846. For congress in 1848, Defeated for the senate in 1855, Defeated for vice president in 1856 Defeated for senate 1858

    My dear reader, there is beauty in everything! Even failure has its own beauty. Failure is an event; it's not a person. Have you failed in business lately? It's your life in total disarray and you don't know what to do? Are you afraid to try again after many sets of setbacks? My admonition to you today is to try again! Dear readers, instead of seeing failure as a setback, see it as a step back because its step back and not setback that provokes a forceful come back.


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