TopicWhy We Make Mistakes - Its Because Often, You Don't Know What You Don't Know

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 5:34am

    Do you want success If so, then where are you right now On Unlocking Transcendence Review   target Off target Not sure Understanding where you are may just be the key to success for you.When individuals ask for directions, the first response from the other person is Where are you. Then you respond and directions are given from that point of where you are.What I find absolutely incredible is that most people truly don't know where they are as they travel the road to success. They believe that they are on the correct path and doing the correct things, but many of them are simply clueless.

    The first reason why they are clueless is that they have not assessed their current strengths, potential strengths and areas to be improved. Our educational right or wrong has a strong tendency to focus on our weaknesses unless of course you are in the gifted talented classes or advanced academic classes. Strengths for the average student are routinely ignored.

    In traveling the road to success, does it not make more sense to leverage your strengths than your weaknesses. However, since you have been conditioned to know your weaknesses first, it is not surprising that many people truly do not know where they are. By thoroughly embracing this critical success factor of taking action to know where you are, will get you a lot further as you travel the Road to Success.

    Another reason why people are clueless is that they have not taken the take to construct a Goals Action Plan that will help them as they travel the Road to Success. When we have a well thought out plan supported by doable goals, then we have much better control of our destiny. Without a plan, then we are on someone else's plan and that probably is not a good thing.


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