TopicFundamentals of Success - Do You Merely Have Potential?

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 4:48am

    Know this...You were born great. That's right you are already great. You were Hypnosis Live  born with all the desire, power, energy, gifts and talents you need to do all that you wish to achieve in your lifetime. Is your life presently all that you ever dreamed it could be How often do you focus on what you think you are not, what you are missing or what you don't have? How often do you look to your current results to limit what you are capable of, missing what is truly possible because of the brilliance within you?

    Note that your results DO NOT define WHO you are or WHAT you can achieve. They are only a reflection of what you believe is possible. Your results are a powerful tool to gauge your progress toward your goals and a warning sign when you steer away from your goals. Look around your life right now and take a snapshot of your results. What do you see? What do you want to see All that exists within you is all you need to create your dreams and it has nothing to do with your current results. The real answer to all you want is actually a simple question.... What is your burning desire? What desire exists within you waiting for you to breathe life into it? Discovering this is the starting point of all your achievements.

    Everything in life is energy. Energy is movement. Energy generates more energy. It cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be altered. Even things that seem solid are made of energy, just of a lower vibration level. A simple pile of sticks for instance, may seem lifeless and dormant, but realize those sticks have the potential of being an enormous, blazing fire powerful enough to take over miles of countryside.

    If you see something as it is, in its present physical form, does that mean something greater does not already exist in energy form? If your mind sees only the pile of sticks does that mean the fire does not exist? By rubbing the sticks together, altering and intensifying the energy, it's enough to create a blazing fire that was really there all along. Transforming simple sticks into a blazing fire is quite amazing when you think about it.


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