TopicDoes Insulin Resistance Cause Diabetes?

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 7:21am

    Sugar, in the form of glucose, is the main source of fuel for body cells. Insulin Gluco Type 2 Review allows glucose in the blood to enter cells. In type 2 diabetes, (the most common form of diabetes) either the body doesn't produce enough insulin or cells are resistant to effects of insulin because they are already overloaded with sugar.

    What to do if you think there might be a problem: The important thing is do something about it right away... even if your child does not have type 2 diabetes, it is best to have these signs checked out. When you see your health care provider, insist on a simple blood test that will determine whether or not your child has high blood sugar levels.

    Diabetes during pregnancy, also known as gestation diabetes is a condition that develops only during pregnancy. A woman who has not previously had diabetes may suffer from this during her gestation period. Research shows that two percent of pregnant woman suffer from gestational diabetes. It is important to keep gestational diabetes well under control to eliminate the chances of the mother and baby being affected in any manner.
    Usually the diabetes health care team is comprised of a diabetes specialist, diabetes educator, endocrinologist and a dietitian. This team will work together and help the pregnant woman keep her blood sugar level under control. They may adjust the diabetes treatment in between, according to the progress or deterioration shown by the patient.

    Treatment for diabetes during pregnancy: There are nursing homes with specialized doctors and nurses who take extremely good care of diabetes during pregnancy women. Women with gestational diabetes need to have frequent antenatal appointments. If a pregnant woman is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it is essential to take regular blood sugar tests to monitor the levels. It is important to be extremely careful about the diet. It is necessary for the woman affected by gestational diabetes to be active in order to keep the blood sugar level normal.

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