TopicSharp Or Shooting Knee Pain When Climbing Stairs? Painful Knee Joints and the Benefits of Braces

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 6:17am

    Dealing with Lupus joint pain and stiffness when you have a Arctic Blast flare up can be very difficult. Here are a few things you can try when the stress of the day is making your pain worse.Exercise and fitness are not just things that athletic people participate in and many Americans now are aware that to be healthy and to keep yourself at a healthy weight, you need to incorporate exercise with a healthy diet. Unfortunately, along with working out and exercising, also come some injuries that can happen. This will discuss some of the most common injuries that occur while exercising and what you can do to heal quickly so you can be active again. Some of the things will discuss the R.I.C.E technique or heating for sore muscles, and some strengthening exercises to do to avoid further injury.

    The first and most obvious thing to do when possible is remove yourself from the causes of any stress or irritation that is causing or may be contributing to the flare up, such as stress from worries of the day or over exerting your self at work or chores at home. This is the time to rely on your family and friends to help you through the flare up.

    Have your spouse or children take over the chores of the day if possible so that you may relax and work on relieving the pain form the Lupus. Let them do the dishes or the laundry or do some grocery for you so to lessen the stress of the day.Once your knees are feeling better from doing the RICE technique, it is time to strengthen the areas around it to avoid it from getting injured again. One of the reasons injuries happen is that the muscles surrounding that joint are not strong enough. Leg lefts on a weight machine or just using a bag containing some weight hanging on your ankle will both work. Do three sets of 12-15 reps daily to strengthen those muscles. Hamstring curls should be done too to strengthen the muscle behind the leg and knee.

    The next thing to do is allow your self some quite alone time to relax with a nice hot bath this will relax your muscles and help with the joint stiffness and joint pain. There are also pain medications when combined with a nice hot soaking bath that can help with the lupus pain ... such as over the counter NSAIDS like naproxen or ibuprofen always be sure to check with your doctor what would be best for you or they may prescribe something stronger.The main thing is to try and avoid stressful situations and be sure to remove your self from them when ever possible so as to reduce the effects of the stress on your Lupus flare up and resulting joint pain.

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