TopicKnow about the Tools to Customize Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Mon 24th Dec 2018 - 6:14pm

    Using hotkeys while working on your Mac can reduce the time of action and make you get rid of the monotonous double-click selection. MacOS has few inculcated keyboard shortcuts which are quite unique to use. Most of the shortcut keys are interlinked series of different keys to command the system to perform the associated action.

    The given below list will help you in preparing hotkeys for your use. They are quite simple to use, and you can make good use of them, although if you are unable to use any of the methods in the process, you can opt for any other tool from the list.

     Using Better Touch Tool to set hotkeys

    By using Better Touch Tool, you can apply different gestures by tracing it on the trackpad and assigning them to various apps. By using this tool, you can configure your Mac with any possible hand movement to switch to any Application that you wish to access. Mac Keyboard

    Better Touch Tool not only provides you with touchpad usage, but you can also utilize your keyboard and Magic Mouse to access the application you desire. You need to choose the app for which you want to create the hotkey, then execute the required action and then assign what you want to do with that action. 

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