TopicThe Top 3 Success Habits That You Cannot Miss

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 11:04am

    Have you ever heard the story of men (and women) who got so frustrated in life asHypnosis Live  a result of poverty that they decided to use spiritual means to get wealth? I have heard the story of such men and women, they went to the spiritualist (called Babalawo in my native language), and the spiritualist promised them wealth and actually gave some real wealth. To every such wealth promised and delivered, there is always a strong attachment, a strong demand, and or commitment on the part of the seeker. To some they must pay with the life of their wives (or husbands); to some it is their first born child; to some their aged parents; to others it may be part of their body. Note that the part of the body so donated or sacrificed may continue to decay till the day of their death.All along the way, it is vital to remain teachable and flexible. Set out with a solid business and marketing plan, but be ready to adjust your plan, goals, and your skills, as need be. Attach to your vision of being a highly successful professional, but not to the exact "how's" and "when's" - your ego's timeline of how it needs to unfold often misses the mark because you're not in complete control of all that transpires - there are other factors at play. (For more about the importance of remaining teachable in business, see Success Magazine's recent article.)I work with many superior healing practitioners, coaches and consultants, as well as corporate executives and other professionals who are truly gifted in one particular area, and long to pursue it, but are downright afraid. What are most people afraid of? Both failure and success. In terms of failure, it's very common to fear failure at the thing you most deeply long for, because in your mind, if you fail at this, your dreams will be truly shattered. But from my perspective, you must face this fear head on, and walk through it, in order to live a life of passion, power, and purpose. Yes, you might fail at first, but if it's meant to be, you'll find your way, and do it supremely well.



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