Topic10 Hair Growth Tips You Can Use at Home

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 4:26am

    The impact of meditation on hair health doesn't stop at stress. ReGen Hair RegrowthIn a study published in the Journal of the Israeli Medical Association, researchers documented a sizable drop in total cholesterol in individuals who practice Meditation.The research workers selected 23 patients, all with elevated cholesterol; all participants were of comparable age, body weight, diet choices, and physical exercise routines. Twelve of the patients were trained in Meditation, and performed it for 11 months; the other eleven were control subjects that did not meditate. The meditating group exhibited a marked decrease in cholesterol levels, from an average of 255 to 225; there was no significant decrease observed in the control group.An independent analysis done by the same research workers showed comparable reductions, and in addition revealed that a boosted cholesterol reading inside of the average range can be reducedBut exactly how does this help in hair loss?Recent research discovered that excessive cholesterol and androgenetic hair loss could be correlated, although the exact causes remains unclear.


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